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Why AdSense Sites Teach Us a Lot About SEO

Why AdSense Sites Teach Us a Lot About SEO
MFA sites are sites made for AdSense or contextual networks Contextual networks are sites that are built for advertising from pay per click advertisers. Most of these sites have a very bad name in the SEO world because people attack them for being spammy and not useful to the search engine users. This means that they are mostly considered “splogs” or spammy blogs.
However, most people are missing the lesson that should be coming from these sites. There is a reason that they do well in the search engines and if they did not do well in the search engines, then there would not be so many of them. Therefore, people should try to learn what they are doing right to help their own sites do better in the search engines.
In most cases, the information on these sites is helpful to the user. This is because most of these sites actually are trying to get affiliate sales as much as they are trying to get contextual revenue. This means that their sites are about useable content. This means that they provide a general understanding of the methods or plans to obtain whatever the site is about (coffee, beta fish, or gardening).
These sites are also masters at latent semantic indexing. This is a skill that most SEO experts only talk about and do not practice. As with any discipline, the people who use the art are the people who master the art. Interestingly enough, this is the same reason that some of the search engine optimizers call them spammy. They use LSI to extreme levels (sometimes too extreme) therefore; they make content that is lower on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. However, their mastery of LSI gets them ranked on the search engines and attracts the ire of some SEO experts in the field.
These sites are also well known for being sites that use a one off strategy for back linking purposes. This means that most of their users only use a major article site for back links. They write articles that are unique and unique for that system to generate links back to their site. However, most sites do not do this and follow link schemes that are less than ideal.
Therefore, there are a lot of sites that could stand to learn a thing or two from MFA (or made for AdSense) sites. These sites (most of them) tend to have simple linking schemes based off one-off articles on major article networks (that are not paid for networks). They also use unique content that is useful for the audience they cater to (even if that information is very basic). As a result, there are a lot of bigger sites that could learn a thing or two from looking at these sites and evaluating them carefully. Not only will this help the internet be a place of relevance, but also a place where back link schemes are tied to hard work and not parlor tricks.